Welcome!!  God has never created anything without a purpose.  If your heart is beating, it means God has a purpose for your life.  Most people don’t know where to start to discover that purpose.  We want to invite you to take a journey with us to find out the answer to the age-old question: “What on earth am I here for?”  Plugged In was designed to answer that question and empower every believer to follow God’s purpose for their life.  Start the journey today and see how God transforms your life.

So, whether you’re new to the church or you’ve been at Real Life Church for years, Plugged In is the best place to take your next steps and get better connected!

Together, we are on the journey of BELIEVING all of who God says He is, BELONGING to His Church, and BECOMING everything He said we are created to be.


This class is on the first Sunday of each month immediately following the second worship experience and lasts an hour and a half.  There is no need to sign up for this class. Just show up. We have a seat for you already. However, space is limited so to make sure there is enough room, you can reserve your spot by clicking the link below.

We start with the basics of Real Life Church – the ministry and fundamentals of RLC and church partnership.  Then we go into the essential beliefs every Christian needs to find success in their walk with Christ.  You are unique, and we want to help you realize that, so then we help you discover your personality, gifts, and purpose in life and see how God combines them for the best fit in ministry. God’s ultimate goal for your life is to make an eternal difference in the life of another person, so then we assist you in finding the perfect place for you to serve and let you know the next steps to making that happen.

Dinner and child care are provided.

Discovery How God has Uniquely Made You>>>


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Spiritual Gift Assessment


Fill out the forms above. Once complete, we will tally the results and send it to you along with possible next steps.